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Create your own CO Gives Day Fundraising Campaign!

It's easy!! See below for step-by-step instructions.

We’re asking for your help in spreading the word about donating to Anchor Center on Colorado Gives Day, December 6th 2022!

Colorado Gives Day is a statewide movement to increase online giving and is one the most successful events of its kind in the nation.

Since 2010, Coloradans have come together to make extraordinary happen by uniting Colorado donors in 24-hours of giving each December for one of the nation’s largest giving days – Colorado Gives Day.

This is your chance to become an ambassador and fundraiser for Anchor Center. We’ll lead you through every step of the simple process. Scroll down or click on the links to the left to get started and create your very own Colorado Gives Day campaign! Last year, more than 73,000 donors supported 3,151 nonprofits by giving more than $55 million in donations.

Colorado Gives Day is a statewide movement to increase online giving. This year, Colorado Gives Day is on December 06, 2022.

Did you know…Colorado Gives Day features a $1.6 Million Incentive Fund? That means that every donation made through ColoradoGives.org on Colorado Gives Day is boosted by the incentive fund, which increases the value of every dollar. Simply put, your dollar goes further on CO Gives Day!

Why create your own campaign?

By creating a personalized fundraising page, you can enlist all of the people you’re connected with to support YOUR cause.

When it’s a personal message from you, people will listen.

When you create your own fundraising page, you can:

  • Add a personal appeal
  • Upload photos and video
  • Make a custom link to your page
  • Explain why you’d like people to support this effort
  • Set a goal and track your progress
  • Determine when you want the campaign to end

How to create your very own campaign!

A step-by-step guide

It’s easier than you think and only takes about ten minutes of your time.

Step 1) All you need to do is login at the top of the page to your existing ColoradoGives donor account or create an account. Then search for Anchor Center, and click the ‘Start a Fundraiser’ button.

Step 2) Personalize your page with images, videos, messaging…whatever you think will have the most impact and help you raise money! (Need some Anchor Center images or videos to spruce up your page? Grab pictures here and videos here!)

Step 3) Submit your page for approval. You’ll receive a notification as soon as it is approved.

Step 4) Voila! You are now a fundraiser for Anchor Center.

Step 5) Share, share, share. Spread the message on every platform you can think of. Scroll down for sharing tips, messaging you can copy and paste, and easy to use social media images.

Tell the world!

Sharing 101

Congratulations on creating your campaign! Now it’s time to let everyone know and start raising money.

  • Email:
    • Email all of your contacts and let them know about your campaign and why you are passionate about this cause. Don’t forget to provide the deadlines. The more personalized, the better.
    • Copy, paste and customize one of these email messages.
    • Consider adding or updating an email signature with a link to your campaign.
    • Send a reminder right before (and/or ON) CO Gives Day: December 6, 2022
  • Social Media:
    • Post away! Hit up all of your social media accounts with CO Gives Day information and share the link to your personal fundraising page. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn…they sky’s the limit.
    • Beyond posting – update your profile picture or cover photo with a customized CO Gives Day/Anchor Center image. (Don’t want to create your own? We created some that you can use here, here, and here!)
  • Word of Mouth:
    • Don’t assume everyone is digitally connected and/or knows about CO Gives Day or Anchor Center.
    • Talk about why you’re passionate about this cause AND the benefits of donating through your campaign on CO Gives Day.

Messaging for you to use.

  • Easy to share messaging – just copy and paste!
    • The $1.6 Million Incentive Fund is a pool of dollars to boost every donation made through ColoradoGives.org on Colorado Gives Day. Your money to Anchor Center goes further when donated through my CO Gives Day campaign.
    • Did you know that Anchor Center is nearly 98% funded by donors like you? And, they never turn a family away due to inability to pay. Donations to Anchor Center literally help change lives for children with visual impairments in Colorado.
    • Your gift of $100 (for example) will only cost you $50. Yes, your donation to Anchor Center is eligible for the Colorado Child Care Contribution tax credit! CO residents will receive 50% of your contribution as a credit on your 2022 Colorado state taxes. Learn more and estimate how much you’ll save!
    • Add CO Gives Day to your calendar so you don’t forget to donate on December 6, 2022.
    • Share a badge with friends and family to show that you donated  – and don’t forget to include a link to my campaign so they can get more information!

I'd rather just donate.

No problem! Donate on Dec. 6th or schedule your donation as early as November 1st. Remember, thanks to the $1.6 Million Incentive Fund, your donation goes further on Colorado Gives Day AND Colorado residents' contributions to Anchor Center qualify for a 50% Colorado Child Care Contribution Credit. Example: Give $100, get $50 back!

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