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A Port in the Storm

By Callie Spotted Elk, TSVI, Anchor Center Teacher

The Sanctuary of Anchor Center

What does the word sanctuary mean to you? A safe place? A sacred place? A place of security and protection? Yes, for me a sanctuary represents all these things. Anchor Center is like a sanctuary for many. The families that we see who come to Anchor often come to find refuge from the many challenges they face. These challenges are not just related to the development of their child with a visual impairment; these challenges are also very personal. Many times it’s our families that give refuge to other families. There is a special kind of comfort shared among all in a sacred space of respect for experiencing the unanticipated growth necessary when confronted with a life altering challenge, however big or small. Together we are sharing, together we are learning, and together we are helping each other. Anchor Center is a safe place. This is a sacred place and this is a place of security and protection for all that enter.