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Delta Gamma Intern, Taylor Fricke

University of Denver Delta Gamma and Anchor Center Marketing Intern, Taylor, shares her story.

I am able to combine my love for Delta Gamma with an organization that I, and my sorority, are passionate about.

Taylor Fricke

Being a Delta Gamma and Marketing Intern: In Taylor's Words

I have been destined for Delta Gamma since I can remember, as my mother is a DG. The values she distilled in me are very much representative of the culture of Delta Gamma. I suppose that’s why the fraternity felt like home when I first stepped into the house. The organization offers an inclusive environment that fosters friendship, character and philanthropy.

The motto all Delta Gammas live by, do good, emphasizes the organization’s dedication to its philanthropy. Our members volunteer their time and energy to benefit our foundation, Service for Sight.

With my chapter’s annual Anchor Cup soccer tournament, we are helping to “do good.” Our philanthropy unites all of Delta Gamma to serve a greater purpose and it helps to make the organization and its members better. I align with the values of Delta Gamma and feel connected to its philanthropy.

Throughout my first year as a DG, I continually heard about Anchor Center for Blind Children and the amazing things the organization does. During recruitment, I watched a video that gave a small glimpse of the significance of the organization. As my knowledge of Anchor Center grew, so did my interest in becoming more involved.

When a position opened as a Marketing Intern, I jumped at the opportunity to join the organization all Delta Gammas speak so highly of.

Now in the heart of it all, I am more passionate than ever about Delta Gamma Anchor Center for Blind Children. It has not only helped me grow as a member of Delta Gamma, but as a person in general. I love being a part of something so meaningful to my sorority and to the families who need it most.

As a marketing intern, I have taken part in a little bit of everything. This has given me a better idea of all the running parts it takes to keep the center opened and successful. As a recently declared hospitality major at the University of Denver, I have had the opportunity to experience event planning in a nonprofit organization. I am now on the planning committee as a collegiate DG for Anchor Center’s annual Visions of Love event coming up in February. It has not only allowed me to give back to the community, but has also helped me gain skills that will help me in my future endeavors.

My main focus is to encourage other Delta Gammas to share my passion in this wonderful foundation. There are so many opportunities to volunteer and donate and becoming aware of these is vital in one’s DG experience.

My goal is to reach both collegians and alumnae in chapters across the country and encourage them to learn about this center that our fraternity created. I am part of the launch of Anchor Center’s DG campaign. Delta Gammas, both young and old, make up a large portion of Anchor Center supporters and I hope to continue to grow awareness for the foundation.

I didn’t understand how life-changing the program could be until I experienced it firsthand. I hope that all Delta Gammas take advantage of any opportunity they have to take part in such a great cause.

The organization brings new meaning to our motto, do good. As I continue to learn about the monumental impact Anchor Center makes on families’ lives, I consider the anchor, the age-old symbol for hope that the fraternity and foundation were founded upon.

The organization brings hope to not only children with visual impairments, but to their families as well. They represent all the founding ideals of Delta Gamma as they continue to do good by providing hope for deserving families. I couldn’t ask for a more ideal position. I am able to combine my love for Delta Gamma with an organization that I, and my sorority, are passionate about.

Contact Taylor!
Contact Taylor!
Taylor Fricke

University of Denver, 2021

Anchor Center Marketing Intern

Delta Gamma