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Education Center

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Educational Lessons and Learning Based on Expanded Core Curriculum

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ECC Rec and Leisure
Recreation and Leisure

Forms the foundation for playing games, learning hobbies, fostering a sense of art and enjoying physical activity.

Independent Living

Independent living skills refer to the routines that are part of living and our daily rhythms.

Self Determination

Having control over one's own life, setting goals, working to reach those goals, making choices and decisions and believing in oneself while understand one's abilities and limitation.

Social Interaction

Young children with visual impairments need direct instruction, both the teaching and modeling of appropriate behaviors, and a lot of opportunity to practice.

Orientation and Mobility

A way of knowing your world and a way of moving through it.

Assistive Technology

Any device that can be used to substitute for or enhance certain impaired skills or abilities.

ECC Compensatory Access
Compensatory Access

Includes learning to read and write in braille, listening for environmental sounds and to know where they are in a room.

ECC - Career Education
Career Education

Helps young children learn about the workings of the world around them and their place in it.

ECC Sensory Efficiencies
Sensory Efficiencies

The ability to effectively process and use sensory information through the remaining intact senses.