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Monthly Gift

Your monthly gift sustains a brighter tomorrow for our children and families, ensuring a legacy of smiles.

Your gift matters

For less than 50 cents per day you can make a huge difference in a child’s life. Join us as a monthly donor today.

Monthly Gift

Monthly giving is easy. Becoming a Kaleidoscope Circle donor is the most efficient way to help our children and families all year long.

Select your giving level based on these color cues:

Blue Circle: $10/month
Blue is beneficial to the mind and body.

Yellow Circle: $25/month
Yellow is associated with happiness, intellect, and energy.

Red Circle: $50/month
Red is full of energy, strength, and determination.

Violet Circle: $100/month
Violet light has the highest energy, frequency and vibration.

Why "Kaleidoscope"?

Named for the role light plays in learning at Anchor Center, our Kaleidoscope Circle is instrumental to continued success for our children and families.

Throughout our facility, children gain a sense of space by the blue, yellow and red colors. These cues serve as navagational guides and represent growth and development experienced in each area of our building.

An emphasis on light reaches its peak with the Kaleidoscope Discovery Wall in the Motor Room. Here, children are drawn to the colored windows for exploring while others enjoy the temperatures and textures they provide.

Donate Now

With your generous support, children who are blind or visually impared will receive critical education, therapies, and hope for a better future.


Gifts to Anchor Center for Blind Children may be eligible for a 50% Colorado state tax credit. 

Please see FYI 35 from the Colorado Department of Revenue and consult your tax advisor for more information. We will send you a consolidated receipt and the Child Care Contribution Tax Credit Certification (DR 1317) for all qualifying gifts. Anchor Center for Blind Children is 501(c)(3) organization #84-0893509.