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Horticultural Therapy at Anchor Center

About our horticultural therapy program

Anchor Center provides children with visual impairments expert interventions that stimulate ALL the senses – sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste – and helps them attain developmental milestones while learning how to “see”, explore, and enjoy the world around them. Our Horticultural Program is a pivotal aspect of  our multi-sensory intervention, experience and education.

The goals of Anchor Center’s Horticultural Therapy Program are to:

  • connect children with the natural world of plants;
  • enhance motor development;
  • stimulate cognitive learning;
  • introduce seasonal and time concepts; and
  • provide social interaction.

Anchor’s Horticultural Program’s objectives are to:

  • improve sensory tolerance and stimulation through exposure to touch, smells and sounds of dirt, seeds, vegetation, etc.
  • improve gross and fine motor skills through participation in gardening tasks and exploration;
  • build social skills by joining in group gardening activities; and
  • to increase awareness, enjoyment and connection to nature.

Through our Horticulture Program, the children are meaningfully engaged in educational and recreational activities that help prepare them for a life of outdoor education and exploration. They are exposed to horticultural activities that stimulate their senses and continually peak their developing curiosity, including basic gardening and seasonal concepts, multi-sensory awareness, fine and gross motor skills development, and social engagement.

Our creative, child-friendly program promotes family engagement and encourages the children to get involved, to get dirty, to be outdoors, and to explore different textures, smells and tastes – expanding their world and engaging all of their senses.