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Meet our Experts

Laura Ganguli, MA, MT-BC
Music Therapist, Board Certified

Q: Tell me about your education background.

A:  I received my undergraduate degree in Music Performance with a minor in Psychology from Kutztown University. During my senior year, I knew I wanted to be more than a music teacher. I knew that music could access an individual’s health when used in a therapeutic way. Thus, I started my journey learning about the field of music therapy. I went on to receive my Masters in Creative Arts in Therapy/Music Therapy from Drexel University and haven’t looked back since. 


Q: How did you get involved with the Anchor Center?

A: When I moved to Colorado in 2003, and began my work as a music therapist, I often heard about Anchor Center from families I worked with. I loved hearing their amazing stories. I often heard from that Anchor Center was a lifeline for them, and a community. Over the years I would connect with the previous two music therapist at Anchor, particularly when I was working with a child with a visual impairment. I love learning and listening to how they used the music medium as a tool to support their learning. 


Q: What are the high-points and challenges of your job?

A: Working, connecting, and understanding how individuals can maximize their full potential is an intuitive drive for me.  I believe people need people. I use the music in a therapeutic way to access a person’s abilities. From here, we as an Anchor team provide avenues for learning and growth.


Q: What is the focus of my job?

A: First and foremost, my focus is to create a therapeutic music environment for every child(ren) and their families who walk through the doors of Anchor Center. I use my clinical skills, as well as my musical skills, to maximize their full potential. Our Anchor team is made up of many components (teacher, teacher assistant, therapist, child, caregiver). Together, we pave a road towards growth. Within this community our Anchor team find ways to connect, learn, teach, and inspire one another. We need each other to celebrate the successes. We need to hold each other up and support each other when life gets real.


Q: How do you see your position growing in the future? 

A: I am passionate about music therapy. In my 15+ years working as a music therapist, I’ve been exposed to an abundant amount of music therapy research and have seen first-hand how using music therapeutically can provide a bridge to access and support functional skills. These include communication skills, social skills, cognitive skills, and motor skills. I have witness countless moments of growth, learning and connection through the therapeutic use of music. All that being said, I hope to grow Anchors Music Therapy Department and serve has many families as possible.


Q: What are some misconceptions about visual impairment??

A: One of the most common misconceptions is that vision impairment is not just being blind. Visual impairments cover a wide spectrum. Some of our students are blind, while others have some light perception. Some of our students have CVI where the eye/brain connection is not working as a team. The vision world is complex, and no two stories are the same.


Q: What is your favorite success story at Anchor?

A: Honestly, I’ve had countless success stories and experiences with families and children both in the Infant/Toddler and Preschool programs. It’s hard to put into words just one success story. Particularly because the stories of these children and their families are still being written.

At Anchor Center, we have the privilege to work with children and families who are not only looking for an answer, but rather they are seeking hope, connection and community in a world that is not built for individuals with visual impairment. Not only to we support our parents being advocates, but we also teach our students to be their own advocates.

Every parent who walks through our doors want to give their children every opportunity to build the tools in life to thrive. This isn’t something tangible you can just hand to the family and say here is the answer. Personally, I believe it to be a process in building trust. This doesn’t always happen immediately, but in time. Their journey is a personal one.

At Anchor we share more than just musical moments and memories. We share tears, hardships and celebrate even the smallest successes. Through these small moments made inside our building, we have the privilege to witness some of the most organic interactions that bring a lifetime of connection.

In my work as a music therapist, I am most driven by creating a musical environment catered to the promote health, joy, growth, and learning. Music is an amazing medium to access all these abilities.


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