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Meet Laura

Laura and her family were able to find a sanctuary in Anchor Center and learn to see life differently.

Did you know that 97% of Anchor Center’s funding comes from private sources?

Your gift is how we continue to help young children, like Laura, who are visually impaired reach their highest potential. Are you ready to help? Donate today and become a champion for the beautiful children and families served by Anchor Center.

Laura’s mom, Angela: If I had to describe Anchor Center in one word, it would be “home.” Thank you to the generous donors who support the home that:

  • welcomed me through its doors with open arms, as a concerned first-time mother;
  • surrounded Laura with love, helping us to see life differently and bright future for our daughter;
  • discovered Laura’s passion for the water, for tap dancing, for making new friends;
  • prepared her for kindergarten and, most importantly, gave her the tools and the voice to say:” I’m here.”

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Meet Laura and her family through home videos...and see a special thank you from them at the end!

Below, Angela reflects on her family's Anchor Center journey as Laura prepares to graduate from preschool. She talks about their initial fear when they received Laura's diagnosis, how that fear turned to hope as they watched Laura's world open up, how Anchor Center gave Laura the tools to use her voice, and supported their whole family throughout the journey. Scroll down to read a heart-warming, moving letter from Angela and feel the love that surrounds her daughter, Laura, both at home and at Anchor Center.

In Angela's Words

Angela shares her family’s story, where fear turned fortitude to and trepidation to tenacity.

Are you ready to help?

Laura and Angela are just two of the nearly 400 children and family members that will be served by Anchor Center this year. Your donation means the world to each and every one of them. Thank you.

Laura and her family's journey in pictures

IMPORTANT: Your contribution to Anchor Center for Blind Children qualifies for a 50% Colorado Child Care Contribution Credit on your CO state taxes. Example: give a $500 gift, get $250 back!

STEP 1: Use the slider to choose your Donation Amount – the amount you would like Anchor Center for Blind Children to receive.

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STEP 4: Ready to give? Scroll down and give a gift to help provide hope to children with visual impairments and their families, like Laura and Angela.

*Calculator tool assumes taxpayer itemizes deductions. Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit is a 50% tax credit for qualifying donations, granted to both individuals and businesses who file a Colorado State Tax Return, regardless of whether taxes are itemized or standard deduction is made. Illustrative examples only, and as with all potential tax benefits originating from charitable contributions, please consult your tax advisor.

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10% $0 $0 $0
12% $9,525 $19,050 $13,600
22% $38,700 $77,400 $51,800
24% $82,500 $165,000 $82,500
32% $157,500 $315,000 $157,500
35% $200,000 $400,000 $200,000
37% $500,000 $600,000 $500,000

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