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Find information about visual impairment from research, to family services to teacher and therapist resources.

AC Diagnoses chartDid you know that blindness is rare? Less than one-half of one-percent of young children with disabilities have a vision impairment. As a “low prevalence” disability, expertise in pediatric vision impairment services for children in their formative years (birth to age 5) can be difficult to find. Anchor Center for Blind Children continues to be one of a handful of organizations in the country that has this unique expertise and specialty.

Throughout our history, Anchor Center has created model programs and services, cultivated long-term partnerships, gained national recognition, and built a remarkable base of donors who have loyally supported Anchor’s programs and invested in its growth. As we look toward the future, we are inspired by an exceptional vision (pun intended!) to continue advancing best practices in services for young children with visual impairments, including screening & assessments, research and training for parents, caregivers, educators and healthcare professionals.

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Visual Impairment Information

Learn about the myths of visual impairment, the common diagnoses we see at Anchor Center and other information. Coming Soon!

Educational Material from Teachers and Therapists

Information from our expert staff!

Education Center
Pediatric Visual Impairment Research

Hear from our experts about the latest research projects and other resources.

Research Center
Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) Center of Excellence

Learn about Anchor Center's new branch of service, the Anchor Center of Excellence for Pediatric Vision Impairment.

Cortical Visual Impairment Center
Family Services

Parent advocacy and family education materials.

Family Services Center

Recommended Books

Teaching Life Differently: The Expanded Core Curriculum for Babies and Young Children with Visual Impairments

Teaching Life Differently is a resource for educators, therapists, and parents.

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Strategy To See: Strategies for Students with Cerebral/Cortical Visual Impairment

Strategy To See is for parents/caretakers, educators and medical personnel (including but not limited to TVIs, COMS, Therapists, Special Education Teachers) of students from birth to 22 years who have a diagnosis of Cerebral/Cortical Visual Impairment or C/CVI. Strategy.

Learn More
Cortical Visual Impairment: An Approach to Assessment and Intervention

The current leading cause of visual impairment among children is not a disease or condition of the eyes, but cortical visual impairment (CVI)-also known as cerebral visual impairment-in which visual dysfunction is caused by damage or injury to the brain.

Learn More
Little Bear Sees: How Children with Cortical Visual Impairment Can Learn to See

Cortical visual impairment (CVI), the leading cause of visual impairment in children today, is caused by damage to visual centers of the brain.

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Vision and the Brain: Understanding Cerebral Visual Impairment in Children

Cerebral visual impairment (also known as cortical visual impairment, or CVI) has become the most common cause of visual impairment in children in the United States...

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Other Resources