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Scroll down to read Roberta's story and donate your gift for her birthday!

Give a gift in honor of Roberta's Birthday

Many of my friends and family have asked what I wanted for my birthday this year.  I have given this much thought and I have everything I need.  As most of you know my Abby was born visually impaired.  Anchor Center for Blind Children gave me hope amongst the fog of emotions of being told from doctors what she couldn’t do.  The support and encouragement I received from Anchor Center has lead me down a path of whole heartedly desiring to pay it forward.  When you begin your journey of parenthood, it can be overwhelming.  Adding to it the obstacles and challenges of having a child with developmental disabilities is a weight no one can prepare you for or help you along, unless you have been there.

Since my journey began with Abby, she and I have not only survived but thrived with the wonderful help and support of those that have traveled a similar path.

Please donate $10, $25, or what you feel you can give.  Help me raise the funds to pay it forward to another family, so they may feel the hope.