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Meet Talon

Anchor Center Class of 2019

About Talon

from Anchor Center staff

“Talon has come so far from last year! We only occasionally heard him use a spoken word or sign last year, but this year he is using a variety of single words and starting to put some together. Today he handed me a snack bar and said “help open!” – Kathryn Tower, Speech/Language Pathologist

“Talon has made such great progress here, especially in learning to communicate. He loves imitating words and actions in circle-time songs. He is fascinated with lights and loves to put objects under the video magnifier so he can see the details. Talon has grown into a little busy bug driven by his curiosity about the world around him. He is very interested in his shadow and watching how it changes as he moves his body. He likes to hear the noises toys make and will turn them around in his hands while looking at them. Talon has been our little “Skipper” this year and we know that he will keep growing stronger!” – Laura Moran, TSVI

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Talon's Anchor Center journey in pictures

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