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Meet Yanick

Anchor Center Class of 2019

About Yanick

from Anchor Center staff

“Yanick is a very silly, cleaver, delightful boy that has touched the hearts of everyone at Anchor. He loves to share stories, and welcomes us each morning with a new piece of news. Yanick’s personality shines bright, and his love and knowledge of animals is inspiring. He had grown so much at Anchor and I know that he will continue to thrive in all his future endeavors.”  – Noel Magee, ECSE, Preschool Teacher and Program Coordinator

“Yanick can be mischievous, likes chase games, loves animals, has really come alive this year and is much more interactive, talkative, and playful. He is much more independent at completing daily routines.” – Kathryn Tower, CCC, SLP

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Yanick and hiis family are just a few of the 400 children and family members that are served by Anchor Center each year. Your donation means the world to each and every one of them. Thank you.

Yanick's Anchor Center journey in pictures

IMPORTANT: Your contribution to Anchor Center for Blind Children qualifies for a 50% Colorado Child Care Contribution Credit on your CO state taxes. Example: give a $500 gift, get $250 back!

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