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2017 Preschool Graduation


Aiden: Most Likely to Become a Motorcycle Racer

Aiden is a sweetie. He loves observing the world around him, playing with his friends, building and crashing down towers of blocks, reading books, and is a speedster with his walker down the long hallway of Anchor Center! Aiden is so loving, he takes the time to show his friends how much he cares.

Aubrianna: Most Likely to Win Miss Congeniality

Aubrianna is a social and curious girl. She loves spending time with her friends, singing songs, and getting her wiggles out! Aubrianna’s sweet nature and willingness to explore will make her an amazing kindergartener!

Ava: Most Likely to Become an Adventurer

Ava is an inquisitive and determined explorer! She loves checking out her surroundings, snuggling with her friends and teachers, and spending time
in the sunshine. Ava has an infectious giggle that is sure to light up any room!

Caroline: Most Likely to Become a 5-Star Chef

Caroline is a pint-sized comedian. She loves being silly, singing songs, telling stories, playing pretend, and anything to do with cooking and eating! Caroline is so smart, she is always eager to learn new things and loves to share how much she knows with her teachers and friends.

Connor: Most Likely to Become President

Connor loves reading, being silly with his friends, learning new things, and helping the teachers stay on track if they’ve forgotten part of the routine. Connor is a natural leader, he can often be found at the center of fun and adventure with his friends.

Giovanni: Most Likely to Become the Next Superhero

Giovanni is incredibly imaginative. He loves movies, action figures, playing pretend, building and creating things, being social, and has a contagious giggle! Giovanni is adventurous, and has so much fun creating elaborate stories and journeys with his friends!

Kate: Most Likely to Win American Idol

Kate is a performer. She loves singing, dancing, playing the ukulele, helping others, working on art projects, rock (and tree!) climbing, and she gives
the best hugs! Kate is a great problem solver, she meets new challenges with determination and works hard to find a solution.

McKennan: Most Likely to Become a Drummer in a Band

McKennan is an explorer. He explores with his hands, touching and feeling newly presented objects, as well as learning to move around the classroom and play areas. He is energetic and happy, with a contagious laugh, and loves interacting with and teasing his teachers!

Wesley: Most Likely to Become a Musician

Wesley is a sweet and persevering boy. He loves music, movement, cuddling, and laughing at silly sounds! His contagious smile and determined spirit make Wesley a joy to be around and a wonderful addition to any classroom!