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Our Team

Each child is unique. We help them thrive in a safe, nurturing environment.

Our team is passionate about transforming the lives of young children with visual impairments. 

We’re known for our transdisciplinary team approach to serving children and families. Our gifted staff of Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments, Teaching Assistants, Speech and Language Pathologists, Physical, Occupational, Horticultural and Music Therapists, and Ophthalmologists move beyond a discipline-specific approach. Working collaboratively, they provide the best in early intervention and childhood education services for the remarkable children and families we serve.

Together, we are Anchor Center.

Get to know us a little better and see why our collaboration sets us apart.

teacher with student

Teachers of the Visually Impaired

As a team, their collective credentials and expertise include: Certification as Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments (TSVI) and Certification in Orientation & Mobility (O&M).

Elise Darrow, TSVI, O&M, Perkins CVI Endorsement,
Preschool Coordinator
(303) 377-9732 ext 136 email

Jessica Hank, TSVI
(303) 377-9732 ext 144 email

Tamara (Tammy) Miller, TSVI; O&M,
Infant & Toddler Program Coordinator
(303) 377-9732 ext 154 email

Laura Moran, ECSE, TVI
(303) 377-9732 ext 126 email

Jen Parker, TSVI
(303) 377-9732 ext 119 email

Callie Robinson, ECSE, TSVI, Perkins CVI Endorsement
(303) 377-9732 ext 204 email

Jenn Taylor, TSVI
(303) 377-9732 ext 115 email


Collectively, our teaching staff has over 35 years of experience in the field of education and early intervention.

As a team, their collective credentials and expertise include: Certification in Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE); expertise in Early Intervention, Assessments, Deaf-Blindness, and Assistive Technologies.

Dawn Brown, ECE
(303) 377-9732 ext 127 email

Caroline Calabrese, ECSE
303-377-9732 ext 151 email

Jessica Meisel, ECSE
(303) 377-9732 ext 170 email

Melissa “Covi” Rodriguez, ECE
(303) 377-9732 ext 112 email


Collectively, our therapists have over 55 years of professional experience providing therapeutic services to children with blindness, visual impairments, and deaf/blindness.

As a team, their collective credentials and expertise include: Certification in Speech/Language Pathology (SLP), Physical Therapy (PT), Occupational Therapy (OT), Recreational Therapy (RT), and Music Therapy (MT); and expertise in early child development, communication, feeding, sleep, positioning, and sensory-based therapies.

Mindy Doyle-McCall, PT
(303) 377-9732 ext 155  email

Rachel Glaser-Lawrence, OT
(303) 377-9732 ext 127 email

Laura Ganguli, MT
(303) 377-9732 ext 116  email

Mollie Hiebert, MT
(303) 377-9732 ext 116  email

Gina Higbie, OT
(303) 377-9732 ext 143 email

Ali Huckins, LPC, BCBA
Developmental Psych Consultant
(303) 946-1097 email

Erin Lovely, RT,
Horticulture Therapies Coordinator
(303) 377-9732 ext 210 email

Zoe Morgese, CCC, SLP
(303) 377-9732 ext 122  email

Kathryn Tower, CCC, SLP
(303) 377-9732 ext 165  email

Program Support

Our Program Support team has over 50 years of collective experience serving children with vision impairments.

As a team, their expertise includes: curriculum planning, literacy, braille, vision services and screening and early childhood programs.

Lauren Aldridge
Teaching Assistant
(303) 377-9732 ext 158 email

Samantha Barrasso
Teaching Assistant
(303) 377-9732 ext 158 email

Melissa Licon
Teaching Assistant
(303) 377-9732 ext. 158  email

Justine Moussallem
Teaching Assistant
(303) 377-9732 ext. 158  email

Courtney Walsh
Teaching Assistant
(303) 377-9732 ext. 158  email

Family Services

Together, our Family Services team has over 35 years of experience working in the fields of patient and family advocacy and disabilities.

They have an impressive breadth of expertise in social work, family services, developmental disabilities, mental health, special education, child development and vision services.

Courtney Albers
Intake & Referral Manager
(303) 377-9732 ext 133 email

Deb Curry II, MA
Director of Family Services
(303) 377-9732 ext 117 email

Diane Julio
Student Records & Eye Clinics Administrator
(303) 377-9732 ext 114 email

Development and Community Relations

Our Development and Community Relations team has over 45 years of collective experience in fund development and awareness.

Their expertise spans the fields of fundraising, volunteerism, marketing and public relations, with specialties in major gifts, events, grants, marketing, media relations, campaigns and appeals.

Kenedy Brazzell
Data Entry Clerk
(303) 377-9732 ext 130 email

LeAnn Donahue
Special Events Coordinator
(303) 377-9732 ext 190 email

Molly Jenkins
Grants and Proposal Development Manager
(303) 377-9732 ext 129 email

Frances Owens
Community Relations Manager
(303) 377-9732 ext 145 email

Laura Perkins
Marketing and Communications Manager
(303) 377-9732 ext 142 email

Savannah Wippel
Director of Development and Community Relations
(303) 377-9732 ext 156 email

Administrative Services

Our Administrative Services team supports the daily administrative duties entailed in operating Anchor Center’s nonprofit educational functions.

They have experience in providing professional services and administrative support to teachers, practitioners, managers and volunteers.

Anne Brown
School and Program Administrative Assistant
(303) 377-9732 ext 110 email

Sarah Rice
Volunteer Program and Administrative Services Manager
(303) 377-9732 ext 118 email

Consulting Partners

Marlene Evans, BSN, RN,
Pediatric Nurse Consulting Services, LLC
(303) 906-8399 cell

Pat Horkan,
Building Engineer
(303) 667 7230 cell

Ali Huckins, LPC, BCBA ,
Developmental Psych Specialist
(303) 946 1097 cell

Pat Lewis, O&M, TSVI
(303) 886 3443 cell


Executive Leadership

Our Executive Leadership team is charged with supporting the smooth sailing and navigation of Anchor Center, fiscally, operationally and programmatically.

Collectively, they have over 65 years of experience in nonprofit management, with expertise in governance, fundraising, financial management, strategic planning and program development.

Meghan Klassen
Executive Director
(303) 377-9732 ext 113 email

Melinda Carter, TSVI; O&M
Director of Children’s Programs
(303) 377-9732 ext 123 email

Deb Curry II, MA
Director of Family Services
(303) 377-9732 ext 117 email

Catherine (Cathy) Smyth, TVI PhD
Director of Research
(303) 377-9732 ext 120 email

John Taylor, CPA
Director of Finance
(303) 377-9732 ext 125 email

Savannah Wippel
Director of Development and Community Relations
(303) 377-9732 ext 156 email

2019-2020 Board of Directors

Jeff Watkins, CPA, JD
Board President

Shauna Callahan, CPA

Amy Naes, JD
First Vice President

Sherry Stripling, MSOL
Second Vice President

Robert King, M.D.

Doug Reeb, CPA

General Members:
Mary Andrews, MBA
Wendee Crowley
Matt Duncan, MBA
Matthew Harrington
Maria Kunz
Andrea Laser, Ed.D.
Pam Metzger, MBA
Charles (Chic) Naumer, Pd.D
Karen Roberts, MSW
George James Williams, Dr., JD