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Our Approach

We believe in children and families. Every child has their own unique learning style.


We believe in children and families. Every child has their own unique learning style. Anchor Center is a leader in quality education. Our children develop into strong, confident individuals. All programs are founded in the Expanded Core Curriculum and support our teaching philosophy:

  • Every child is filled with possibility and potential
  • Learning happens best in a sensory rich, developmentally-based curriculum based in fun and exploration
  • Our team fosters an atmosphere of mutual learning founded in professional knowledge
  • Children should have opportunities to learn and discover what tools work for them
  • Children and families thrive in a nurturing and welcoming environment
  • Families are made stronger by receiving support and education

We are partners in the child and family experience. Together, we challenge children while celebrating curiosity, creativity and courage.


Beyond Anchor Center

Anchor Center for Blind Children is a nationally recognized, private nonprofit agency. Our early intervention and education services foster the full potential of children who are visually impaired and blind. Utilizing a team approach, we nurture children’s emotional security, social and intellectual skills.


  • To provide high quality educational, therapeutic and vision services
  • To provide information and support to empower families
  • To encourage children’s independent functioning
  • To collaborate with schools, community agencies and our partners for optimal success

Anchor Center for Blind Children nurtures children to discover their gifts. We offer an environment and activities tailored to their growth. We help make families stronger.