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Join our community in helping children and families see life differently.

We love our volunteers

Make A Difference

We were founded in the spirit of joining together to give back to the community. Our passionate volunteers give generously of their time, talents and hearts to continue the legacy.

Our goal is to provide volunteers with an enriching experience. We do this by individually matching your interests and availability to our needs. We have many ways you can help. Get to know us and learn about the different and rewarding opportunities available.

Some examples include:

  • Working with our children in the classrooms
  • Assisting in our administrative offices
  • Helping with special events
  • Seeking donations in the community

Volunteers make it possible for us to accomplish all that we do. Explore our featured opportunities on this page or openings by category below. Join us today to make a difference in our community!

How to Apply

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Individual Opportunities

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Group Opportunities

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Events & One-Time Opportunities

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As a classroom volunteer, I watch these children learn with the touch of their hands, hear the laughter and realize they are not the only students who ‘See Life Differently'.


Volunteer Spotlight

Dr. Robert King

In 2007, Dr. Robert King, Pediatric Ophthalmologist and founder of Children’s Eye Physicians, began volunteering his time to provide exams at Anchor Center’s eye clinic. Twice a month, Dr. King examines the vison of babies and young children and consults with each child’s parents and caregivers, as well as their Anchor Center teachers. In his volunteer work, Dr. King has provided nearly 1,000 eye exams at the Center’s clinic.

Standing by his side is Linda Corssmit, Anchor Center’s Eye Clinic Coordinator. As the organizer of Dr. King’s patient load, Linda helps Dr. King manage his demanding schedule. In addition, Dr. Annie Steele, a colleague from Children’s Eye Physicians, has recently joined Dr. King at Anchor Center, providing eye exams at the Center one time per month. Working together, Drs. King and Steel will conduct over 150 eye exams at Anchor Center this year. Dr. King also provides monthly in-service trainings for staff on medical diagnosis.

Dr. King has been involved with Anchor Center in various ways since the early 1980s. “There is no place on this earth like Anchor Center,” he says. “Before Anchor Center, I had no place to refer parents whose child I had diagnosed with a visual impairment. And then Anchor Center came along, and even though I still had to deliver very bad news I could tell parents: I know a place that you should go to. It’s called Anchor Center.”

Dr. King recently received the Virginia Deal Williams Award, which is awarded annually for outstanding volunteer service at Anchor Center. We are proud to celebrate the extraordinary contributions of Dr. King Anchor Center celebrates the extraordinary volunteer contributions of our friend, our supporter, our teacher, the good doctor, Dr. Robert King.