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Community Outreach

We’re passionate about helping children and families.

We want to help

We’re passionate about helping children and families. Our team believes in offering solutions that put children first.

Home Visits

Most often, our children and families attend program at Anchor Center.

Participating in programs at Anchor Center allows our multi-disciplinary team to serve children and families in a state-of-the-art building designed specifically for children with vision impairments. In addition, we offer a wide array of educational, assessment and therapeutic equipment for each child’s needs.

On occasion and when circumstances are appropriate, Anchor Center’s Teachers of Students with Vision Impairments are also able to provide vision services for children ages birth to 3 years old, in the family’s home. These Home Visits typically last for up to one hour, up to two times per month.

Families interested in learning more about arranging Home Visit services should contact the local Community Centered Board. You may also contact us at (303) 377-9732 to learn about our services and the process for requesting Home Visits.

I’ve never seen so much light in a dark place. The word ‘grateful’ comes to mind yet seems so small. I’m honored to support a place that has so supported us.

Christina, Jaden’s mom

Meet Jaden

A stroke changed everything for Jaden. By age one, mom Christina noticed he couldn’t see toys on one side of his body.

There were no vision services in their hometown of Durango.

An advocate for her child, Christina found Anchor Center – 350 miles away. Since they can’t travel to us, our team comes to them. Removing barriers to service and essential programming have allowed Jaden to thrive.

“It was devastating to know just how much vision loss my child had,” she shares. “I felt so blessed to have the knowledge, insight and ways to help Jaden see.”

We involve the entire family. Big brother Micah learns to use techniques in daily play. Sitting in the dark with a reflective book, they both join in.

His kind, gentle spirit comforts Jaden.

Watching her boys together, Christina knows the importance of our work first hand. “Everyone we have met has shown us kindness, love and true caring for the wellness of not only my child, but really my whole family.”