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Early Intervention CVI Characteristic Idea Sheets

The staff of Anchor Center for Blind Children has created a collection of one page “Idea Sheets” that can be shared with families that have children with CVI. The CVI Characteristic Idea Sheets provide:

  • a brief explanation of a specific CVI characteristic
  • a vignette that shares an “everyday” routine between a parent and child to foster a discussion between vision professional and caregiver
  • simple ideas to adapt the home environment for that CVI characteristic
  • simple strategies to enhance CVI characteristic focused activities into daily routines 

We hope that these Idea Sheets will be used under the guidance of a teacher of students with visual impairment in the home to determine which strategies can be embedded into daily routines by the family.

CVI Strategies - Color

Does your child visually attend more when one color is presented over another? Is your child more likely to look at your face if you are wearing a red hat, scarf or lipstick? Does your child have preferred toys that are a consistent color?

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CVI Strategies - Distance

Have you ever tried to get your child’s attention from a distance? You might wave hello from the doorway and your child does not look your way.

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CVI Strategies - Latency

Have you ever noticed a delayed response in your child’s visual attention? How long does it take for your child to look at a toy or person?

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CVI Strategies - Light

Does your child stare at overhead lights? Is your child more attracted to objects that are illuminated (e.g. toys, mobile devices, windows)? If it is too bright, does your child close or rub their eyes?

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CVI Strategies - Movement

Does your child love to watch ceiling fans? Is your child attracted to the TV when there is a show with lots of activity? (e.g. sports, cartoons) When in the car, does your child gaze out of the window at objects passing by or prefer to be in the stroller?

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CVI Strategies - Absence of Visually Guided Reach

Does your child reach out and touch an object he is looking at? Does your child look away before batting at an object dangling above her?

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CVI Strategies - Visual Field

Does your child hang his head down to look down? Does your child miss obstacles when things are on his left side?

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CVI Strategies - Complexities

Does your child become easily overwhelmed in busy environments? Do you find yourself avoiding parties, grocery stores, or eating in restaurants?

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CVI Strategies - Novelties

Does your child avoid playing with new toys or hesitate to join in a new activity? Does your child frequently startle or cry in reaction to an unfamiliar sound, toy or event?

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