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Donate Your 2019 State Tax Refund to Anchor Center!

Anchor Center + ReFUND CO


We are excited to partner with ReFUND CO to make giving to Anchor Center easy this tax season. Simply use the “Voluntary Contributions” schedule on your 2019 tax form to choose an eligible nonprofit.

Look for the new additional option of “Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit Fund” on that schedule and insert all three of the following:

Different tax filing software programs (like TurboTax) will display prompts for tax filers getting refunds in various ways, and you will have to look for “Donate to a Colorado Fund.” If you use a tax preparer, like H&R Block or a CPA, you will need to inform the tax preparer to include the nonprofit’s name, the registration number, and amount.

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Are you a visual learner? This PDF of an actual Co Tax form makes this a breeze.

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