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Meet Tatum

Anchor Center Class of 2018

From Tatum's Mom

at graduation

“Anchor Center is more than just a building filled with stuff. It’s truly a family. And it means so much that after 44 days of being in the hospital we wanted to come here. We wanted to see his friends, we wanted to see his family, and he was excited. When we first started, Tatum couldn’t tolerate the first five minutes of being in the center. He would cry and we would have to leave. But we stuck it out and five minutes turned into 10….and then it turned into the beginning of the second year of preschool of just yelling with glee walking through the halls. He was excited and he was confident – and Anchor Center did that for us. It brought confidence for Tatum, confidence for us. It’s amazing and we want to thank every single person here who has helped us and lifted us through all of this. Cause look at him!! Thank you everyone! We truly love everyone. “

A special video

Hear from Tatum's mom about their Anchor Center experience.

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Tatum's Anchor Center journey in pictures

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